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International Department

International department

CLÍNICA GIRONA / GENUINE HEALTH COMMITMENT / We work with all the major national and international insurance companies / Phone. + 34 972 204 500 · / Joan Maragall, 26.17002 Girona


Clínica Girona is a health company founded in 1934. We focus our efforts in order to offer specialized healthcare for both outpatients and inpatients. We provide quality healthcare services responding to the highest criteria of effectiveness, privacy, humane treatment and accessibility.

The image of Clinica Girona has been built on two basic pillars: the professional growth of our staff, and the innovating technology of our center.

Clinica Girona is located in the capital of the province, easily accessible by public transport and surrounded by several parking lots for private vehicles.

Clinica Girona has over 450 professionals, including medical, health, administrative and maintenance staff, who constantly follow continuous training in order to face the emerging healthcare quality challenges.

Providing continuous improvement for our staff and facilities.

The Clinic offers a broad portfolio of specialized outpatient services, nuclear medicine, radiology, cardiac hemodynamic units, nephrology and dialysis, human reproduction,  sleep monitoring unit and pathological anatomy. We also offer laboratory analysis service, functional digestive testing, MRI and CT Scans, rehabilitation service, etc. The center provides 24 hour emergency services and offers an Intensive Care and  Monitoring Unit.

Wherever you come from, when it comes to your health, at Clínica Girona we´ll make you feel right at home.

  • 24 h. Emergency Service
  • Pioneers in the latest technologies
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • More than 450 professionals at your service


International patient manager: Elisabeth Oldeman / Phone: +34 648 282 334 / email:


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